Kendall Flutey | CEO of Banqer | Ōtautahi/Christchurch

Q. Girls and non-binary children often find it hard to see a pathway for themselves into a coding career. How did you get into coding? What advice you have for them?

I can certainly relate to this. I was always interested in computers when I was at school, but never thought a future in tech would be viable for me. So for that reason I pursued accounting, which was in hindsight a mistake.


I think I lasted about six months in the corporate accounting world, but I was miserable for majority of that time so started exploring other options. Going back to university (having just been there for four years) was a little daunting so I actually signed up for a San Fran based coding bootcamp before getting wind that a New Zealand one was launching soon. So I enrolled with Enspiral Dev Academy as part of their inaugural cohort. It was the best learning experience of my life, and affirmed all my choices to date.

Looking back, I think I should have trusted my gut more and been bolder a little sooner. My advice would be to follow your passion – and if you don’t initially, it’s never too late to correct your course.

Q. Tell us about a rad piece of code that you’ve written? What piece of code are you most proud of in your career so far?

Well I’m pretty proud of my 14,000 lines of code on Banqer. Although this be far overshadowed by the other team members now! Other than that I worked on some pretty cool projects when I was at Abletech, like the National Broadband Map, AddressFinder, and a few tricky bits of code for large corporates and government. That said a few of my all time favourite code bases remain the stuff we built at EDA, which include terminal based stock markets, a connect four game, and location based limited time deal site.

“My advice would be to follow your
passion – and if you don’t initially, it’s never
too late to correct your course.” 

Q. What big dreams do you have as a coder? What are you aspiring to do next?

Well, I’m not so hot on the keys these days as my role demands a lot of time at meetings, school visits and other non-technical stuff. At a lower level I really want to get more experience with React; our frontend is Angular so I haven’t really strayed away from that over the last few years.

But outside of my day job I’ve started working on a personal project using D3.js. I’ve gotten really into my family history over the last couple of years. I want to use that passion to fuel a bit more experimentation and learning, while at the same time hopefully reconnecting with whānau, and to leave a bit of history recorded for others to explore one day. Kendall won Young Māori Business Leader of the Year in 2018 and Young New Zealander of the Year in 2019. She codes in Ruby and JavaScript .

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