KELSEY SCHEURICH | Programmer | Dunedin

Q. How did you get into coding? What is your advice for girls and omg children who want to be coders?

I had a bit of a roundabout entrance into game programming! I was first exposed to programming in high school, where two of my teachers noticed I had really enjoyed working with HTML, and after much persuasion convinced me to join the programming class where we made little games using Visual Basic.


I really enjoyed programming, but I enjoyed art more, so I did a computer graphics degree which was mostly design with a few programming classes thrown in. After I finished, I worked for a bit as an interactive designer before I realised that I really didn't enjoy art and design as a job; I just wanted to do purely programming. So I went back to university, did a software engineering degree, and now I make games!

Some advice I have is if you ever get stuck on a problem, break it down into the smallest pieces you can manage and do it one step at a time, even if it is as simple as "open my project." Also, everyone will always have an opinion on everything, so basically "ignore the haters" because they are not worth sacrificing yourself, your time, or your happiness.

Q. Tell us about a rad piece of code that you’ve written? What are you most proud of?

It’s not a "rad piece of code" per say, but one of my favourite projects was one I did for university. We were learning basic AI, Networking and DirectX 9, and our final assignments for each subject were combined into one super project. It was a 3D twin stick shooter game, which needed to have networked multiplayer capabilities, utilise a bunch of DirectX 9 graphics techniques, and to feature certain AI behaviours. It was absolute chaos, but it was a lot of fun and it was very satisfying to get to the end and go, "I made that!", especially when all my characters were cats with little kitty kibble shooters.

"If you ever get stuck on a problem, 
break it down into the smallest pieces you can"

Q. What big dreams do you have as a coder?

I really love games, so one day I want to make the kind of game that I would also like to play. I would also like to do a technical talk at an international conference, as soon as I can think of something I want to talk about! Kelsey codes in mostly C++ & C#.

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