A celebration of girls and women coding in Aotearoa

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We want to make girls, women and non-binary coders more visible

She Can Code began as an online event in 2018. The event celebrated the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Aotearoa by recognising the girls, women, and non-binary people who write much of our inventive code.

The aim was to get as many girls, woman and non-binary people coding as possible, even if they had never coded before. We shared stories of the girls, women and non-binary people already coding in Aotearoa – groups that are often unseen or underrepresented in the tech industry. 

Between 19–27 May 2018, coders added their location to our She Can Code map of Aotearoa, with a total of 5347 people taking part. The love for She Can Code inspired the team to turn it into a yearly celebration. You can't be what you can't see, so let's get together to make girls, women and non-binary coders more visible!

She Can Code is an initiative of Digital Future Aotearoa.

"Kids loved the coding and I'm having a great number of girls come to my lunchtime coding sessions now." – Kieran, club leader

"She Can Code, without doubt, has been the most meaningful competition I've witnessed in a long time." – Jaco, club leader


“I never saw the separation
between code and creativity”

Kelly Kellective | Front End Developer & UI Designer | Wellington

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